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Fleda Pharmaceuticals Attends 'Meet the Projects' 

On September 26th, 2019, Fleda Pharmaceuticals attended the Pasco EDC’s ‘Meet the Project’ event. The event featured three up-and-coming companies that gave presentations on their prospective businesses. Representatives from the businesses, as well as potential investors, attended.

John Wang, CEO of Fleda, led the presentation for the company. He described in depth the two-phase projects Fleda is currently undergoing. 

Phase I includes a 9,600 square-foot gummy manufacturing facility. The facility is currently under construction and there are plans to start production in January 2020. Once completed the building will include a double line gummy candy depositing system, as well as a high-speed packing line. These manufacturing machines have the capacity to yield 1.5 million bottles of product each month.

Fleda’s Phase II comprises of a two-story, 40,000 square-foot building. The first story will incorporate multiple GMP manufacturing production lines for generic pharmaceuticals. The second story will contain a R&D center for new and generic drugs, and laboratories.

In addition, Fleda will soon start to file applications to the FDA for a couple of medical devices. These two devices include a breast milk analyzer and an ultrasonic bone densitometer. 

The breast milk analyzer has the ability to test 24 samples with the simple touch of a button, all in only a minute per sample. The results will provide analysis for energy, fat, carbohydrates, protein, and mineral content levels. 

Meanwhile, the ultrasonic bone densitometer will significantly reduce both the cost of bone density scans and the risk of ionized radiation from Due Energy X-ray scanners. With the new device there's a simple, small probe that connects via Bluetooth to any smartphone or computer.

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