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Nutritious and Healthy Gummy Supplements

Gummies are the fastest growing dietary supplement format. In 2021 alone popularity increased 23%, making it a $2.63 billion industry. Gummies are projected to continue gaining popularity, estimated to reach $4.17 billion by 2025.

By offering both stock and custom formulations, we can take any gummy project to the next level! From R&D, to bottling and labeling, we take care of the full manufacturing process. With a wide array of packaging options, we can fulfill any packing needs. 

We also offer natural flavors and colors, sugar-based, sugar-free, or low-sugar, GMO-free, or organic to meet any label requirements.

Stock: We have stock formulations for a variety of needs. A few stock options include Apple Cider Vinegar, CBD, Ashwagandha, and Vitamin C. 

Custom: Our R&D team is able to customize gummies for any kind of project. Any active ingredients can be added to a custom formulation to create a functional gummy. We have a wide variety of flavors and colors to create unique new products tailored to your business.


A better way to get your daily nutrition


A more convenient way to stay healthy


A fun way to take your vitamins

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